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Pistol Safety - Conceal Carry Permit - Personal Defense
Home Defense - Advanced Conceal Techniques
Un-Armed Defense and Close Combat
Range Safety Officer Training

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Basic Safety / Conceal Class is scheduled on a Monthy Basis

ALL Other Classes are scheduled based upon
Student Request and Class Size

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Mike Price

NRA & USCCA Certified
Counter Ambush Certified

CWP/CWL Pistol Safety
Personal Protection In Home
Personal Protection Outside
Advanced Conceal Defense
Chief Range Safety Officer
SIRT & LAZR Training
Laser Instructor

National Rifle Association - Life
US Conceal Carry Association
USA Carry Registered Instructor
Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors

Laser Instruction

Class Prices
Basic Safety for Conceal $ 70
USCCA Safety & Defense $ 95
Tactical Home Defense $ 115
Conceal Techniques and
Tactical Defense 2-Day
$ 175
Private Hourly Rate $ 45/hr

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A State Required Class Should Be the Beginning
Not the End of Your Training

Beyond the Basics...

Continue Your Training after Your Basic Safety Class

98% of those getting their conceal permit never train any more...

Home Defense
Personal Defense
Conceal Carry Techniques
Conceal Holster Draw Training
Flash-Bang and Handbag Draw
Multiple Targets - Reactive
Team Style Home Defense
Safe Room Design and Use

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Class & Training Calendar